Personal Finance Management

PFM is a wealth and personal finance management application that helps consumers navigate and manage their financial lives. (UX, UI, Web, B2B)

Nishanth Kumar

12/14/2021 2 min read

My role

As a UX designer at Yodlee. Worked closely with the Design, Engineering, Product & QA teams to create digital financial wellness and wealth management product. drove user testing, Interaction and visual design.

A PFM solution can aggregate accounts, receive bill reminders, establish goals, view and split transactions, visualize spending categories, provide savings tips, and visualize short-term cash flow.

Web experience
Mobile experience
Impact: User's excitment and market reach

Yodlee-powered PFM solutions nearly doubled as consumers rush to gain control over their finances. PFM solutions are currently used by 6 of the top 10 U.S. banks, more than 100 leading financial institutions around the world and the most successful non-bank PFM portals.