Farmville 2 country escape - Pike's adventure

Escape to the world of farming, friends and fun! Go on farm adventures to collect rare goods and craft new recipes. (UX, UI, Mobile)

Nishanth Kumar

12/13/2021 4 min read


Farmville2 is one of the popular social games that are played by millions of people around the world each day.

Pike's adventure is a new game feature that unlocks for users at level 42.

Story: While running his grandfather’s shipyard, Pike learns about an unknown and unexplored collection of regions that promises a never ending adventure through exotic islands with hidden goodies. The shipyard has been self-sustained now for a while and Pike has been itching to venture on a new adventure. He wants to explore and map these island regions, but he needs your help.

Design Goals
Product Goals
  • Create a long-term aspiration for players who have unlocked the "water tiles"(feature of the game)

  • Create scalable content with minimal effort required

  • Rewards should tie back to the core loop of the game

  • Should be temporary rewards that get over before the next cycle starts

  • Day 30 revenue to go up by 10% ($8k)

  • Steady state revenue to go up by 6% ($4.8k).

  • CURR: +100 bps

Epic User Story
Feature Overview
  • The map makes me want to come back and play regularly. I want to keep progressing and see what new rewards will be available when I unlock new regions.

  • Orderboard introduces a new element of strategy and every island requires a new one. This keeps the orderboard exciting

  • I am also excited about winning new rewards that I cannot get anywhere else

  • I want to win all the rewards available to me in a region!

  • The feature unlocks with Water Tile 3 at level 42 (TBD)

  • Players start with a group of islands, called a Region, with each island having a different type of orderboard.

  • Players play through the orderboards to earn doubloons that count towards the island progress. Collect enough doubloons on the orderboard to mark the island complete and get the island reward

  • Each orderboard has a cycle that completes when the order timer runs out or when the player achieves the orderboard goal. To finish an island, players will have to finish an orderboard multiple times.

  • Islands are connected to each other by a sea route. After a player finishes an island, they can only move on to one of the next connected islands.

  • To finish an entire Region, players have to trace a path through the islands from the leftmost to the rightmost, which then unlocks the next region.

  • Finishing an island gives players a new unique reward. However, finishing all the islands gives players a better reward

  • Every region has a bonus timer. Finishing a Region before the timer runs out gives players a bonus rewards. Completing all the islands of a region in time gives players a mega version of the reward

Feature overview - Flow
Feature overview - Elements
Building the leaderbaords
List of flows
  1. Overall Feature Flow

  2. Order board rewards

  3. Workshop Timer Reward Flow

  4. Merchant Certificates Flow

  5. Feature Access

  6. Order board State

  7. Map(Region end, New region unlock, Island complete)

  8. Beat the Timer - Orderboard Flow

  9. Serial Filler - Orderboard Flow

  10. Exploding Order - Orderboard Flow

Leaderboard types
  • Beat the timer: Finish all orders before time runs out

  • Serial Filler: Orders have to be completed in a sequence and before time runs out

  • Exploding orders: Order with a bomb and timer explodes and destroys itself and 4 adjacent orders

  • Bingo: Works just like the Bingo event

  • Beat Maui: Collect more doubloons than the bot before time runs out

  • Up and Down: Completing an order modifies doubloons for remaining orders by associated modifier

  • Feeling Lucky?: Every order gives a chance at playing spin the wheel

  • Boosting Order: A random order boosts nearby orders if done in time

  • Match Shapes: Similar to Bingo, but make given shapes instead of bingo patterns (Refer Tropic Escape)

  • Each island has an associated difficulty mode that could be either easy, medium or hard

  • This defines the base difficulty that an orderboard will start with for an island. 

  • Difficulty will determine the chances of a player finishing the orderboard within the timer and thus the amount of effort required from the player to complete the island

  • With every orderboard refresh, the difficulty of the next orderboard will go up or down depending on the success or failure of the orderboard

  • Islands with higher base difficulty give players better rewards for completing them

Feature flowchart
Orderboard rewards
New region unlock


Final screens
Player satisfaction: Players loved this feature.
Revenue impact: Positive revenue impact across platforms